Car Ignition Replacement in Dallas, Texas

Ignition switches, also known as starter switches, help to activate a vehicle’s electrical systems (like radios and windows.)

When ignition switches are no longer working properly, drivers will experience no-crank symptoms when the ignition key is turned, an inability for the ignition to turn to the off position, and an inability for the engine to crank.

In situations like this, the automotive locksmith experts at Key Rescue Dallas Locksmith can provide rapid car ignition repair and replacement.

This helps prevent frustrating situations when the car won’t start that might leave drivers stranded – or even the sudden deactivation of a car’s engine when driving, which can be incredibly dangerous.

Key Rescue Locksmith Dallas’ expert ignition repair service is provided directly at your location, and our technicians remain on-call, 24/7, to travel to you and provide you with instant solutions, for a fair and affordable rate.

Key Rescue Dallas’ Ignition Replacement Service usually consists of:

  • A diagnosis of the car’s electrical systems
  • Disconnection of the car’s battery
  • Removal of broken ignition switches
  • Replacement with a brand new ignition switch
  • Car trim and battery re-connection and reassembly
  • Testing to ensure that the new ignition switch works
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